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no. 96

no. 96 A birthday girl She wouldn’t tell us her wish, she just stuck her tongue out and ran away. Not that she&#View full post »

no. 95

no. 95: Baby it’s Cold OutsideView full post »

no. 94

no. 94 Tacoma Bicycle License circa 1940 I don’t know a lot about historic bicycles, but I know enough to see howView full post »

no. 93

no. 93 Rough Riders Outside The Spar Tavern, Old Town When I was a kid, my dad restored an old Schwinn. We lived in OldView full post »

no. 92

no. 92 Puget Sound Pizza She says she thinks we humans manufacture crisis because we don’t know how to just beView full post »

no. 90

no. 91 Graffiti GaragesView full post »

no. 89

no. 89 St. Helen’s and So. 9th St. A very bad dayView full post »

no. 88

no. 88 Broadway’s Best Antiques Say hello, little friend.View full post »

no. 87

no. 87 Music Man He took my hands in his and told me it was the lord that gave him life, happiness and everything heView full post »

no. 86

no. 86 Mentor My freshman year of college, he wrote a scathing review of my performance in Beginning Acting: “someView full post »

no. 85

no. 85 Beautiful We didn’t share the same language, but I did understand her warm hand on the small of my back,View full post »

no. 84

no. 84 Old Bird Tractor at Terry’s Berries farm off of River Road. This old bird has carried generations ofView full post »

no. 83

no. 83 My Little Friend Meet my Charlotte, a Araneus diadematus, or a common garden spider. She’s been hangingView full post »

no. 82

no. 82 So. 11th and MLK “I’ve changed my life. For real, I’ve changed it. It’s amazing. I’View full post »

no. 81

no. 81 9th Street Farmer’s Market Sonics Guy said that advocating for what he believes in gives him the mostView full post »

no. 80

no. 80 So. 11th and MLK He said he wakes up every day and is just thankful to take another breath. “I’m justView full post »

no. 79

no. 79 6th Avenue Farmer’s Market “At 11:11, I make a wish for her: happy and healthy.  Sometimes I add &#View full post »

no. 78

no. 78 Downtown Being around others who are happy is a first step, but that’s not real happiness. Then you have toView full post »

no. 77

no. 77 Port of Tacoma That was me, standing in the road last week. Crazy broad taking pictures of a mountain.View full post »

no. 76

No. 76 9th Ave Farmer’s Market Nothing to add. Carry on.View full post »

no. 75

no. 75 South 11th and Court C The Write@253 folks believe everyone should have access to the writer within – forView full post »

no. 74

no. 74 On Broadway I don’t really remember what he said, because after I took his picture he came back and said heView full post »

no. 73

no. 73 On Broadway It’s easy: be happy with what you have.View full post »

no. 72

no. 72 Dirty Oscar’s Annex I ran into some former co-workers at Dirty Oscar’s while shooting a videoView full post »

no. 71

no. 71 Bartender Dirty Oscar’s Annex He was very busy that night. As his hands flew around bottles and shook magicView full post »

no. 70

no. 70 Broadway Sizzle @ Broadway Center Benjii Bittle IS Tacoma. I don’t use the term “thoughtView full post »

no. 69

no. 69 Dirty Oscars Annex, 6th Avenue She: “I don’t do happy.” He: “I don’t know, I guessView full post »

no. 68

no. 68 Dirty Oscars Annex, 6th Avenue Happiness is right now, today. It’s living in the moment.View full post »

no. 67

no. 67 6th Avenue When I told her about the project, she had this photo ready to go of her grandmother and her as aView full post »